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Be sure to review the licensing terms to make sure you purchase the correct version of the DVD!







Kibera Champions League Patch

Order this exclusive Kibera Champions League patch designed by Quentin Brehler!  Order enough for your neighborhood soccer group, and send us a team photo to for our Champions League photo gallery.




Which version do I need?

The Private Home Use version is licensed for Private Home Use Only. Please note: It is a violation of copyright law to host a public screening of Without a Fight using the Private Home Use DVD.

The Community Screening edition gives you proper licensing to publicly screen Without a Fight.  Admission can be charged and screenings may be open to the public.  Note these DVDs are not licensed for use in universities, schools, or public libraries.

The Insitituional and Library use version for use by libraries, colleges, K-12 schools, media centers, and other non-profit educational organizations. The purchase of these titles includes library/check out use, classroom use, and non-theatrical Public Performance Rights. No admission can be charged and screenings may not be open to the public.